How to crack the BHU Entrance Exam?

 How to crack the BHU Entrance Exam?

It is the dream of every student to pass the entrance exam of BHU, BHU is an excellent university where you can study from UG course to Ph.D., almost all courses in this university is available. 


 Is BHU entrance exam tough?

Millions of students fill the form every year to clear the BHU entrance exam, so it becomes a bit difficult to qualify for this exam. So, today we are giving some tips to qualify for the BHU entrance exam.

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1. First see the exam syllabus 
2. See previous year papers
3. Make self notes
4. Choose the best book
5. Solve practice set / mock test 
6. Note down your weakness
7. Time management
8. Read regularly

1. First see the exam syllabus - 

To crack any exam, it is very important to know the syllabus of that exam. So first of all, look at the syllabus of the exam and definitely read all the topics at once.

2. See previous year papers-

 look at the previous year's papers and find out how many questions come from which topic, and according to that read more about that topic from where questions are coming in the exam.

3. Make self notes-

It is very important to make self notes because you can easily read all the important topics from your notes in one place at the time of the exam. And by reading from your own notes, you get easy reading and understand the topics quickly.

4. Choose from the best book- 

the best book, it means to study with books which do not contain mistakes, and that book should be level to your exam questions, and according to the syllabus of your exam.

5. Solve practice set / mock test - 

Give as many mock tests as you can. By giving the mock test, you will know your weaknesses and you will also know about your preparation. solving mock test will also increase your confidence so that you will be able to perform well in the exam.

6. Note down your weakness-

 solve the practice set and note down your weaknesses and read those topics again, in which topics you are getting stuck.

7. Time management- 

Time management is very important because you have to do exam questions in a fixed time. Therefore, pay attention to time management.

8. Read regularly-

 Read-only a little but daily. Because we do not forget topics by reading daily and we remember everything for a long time.

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